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Team Capers

A kitchen and gift adventure...

For nearly a decade, Mary Beth Guard and her husband Michael have maintained the website as a way to share new recipes they developed, explore ideas for entertaining, spotlight cool kitchen gadgets and tools, and experiment with tablescapes (Michael has always said the site was just  a reason for Mary Beth to buy more dishes, and that wasn’t far from the truth). 

Now, with Capers Emporium, has a real home — a large retail store where people can purchase elements to set beautiful tables, concoct wonderful meals, and play with gadgets.

Following a two-year restoration to a building in the heart of downtown New Harmony, Ind., Capers opened its doors in 2018.

Capers is a “kitchen and gift adventure.”  With its large commercial kitchen, it offers cooking classes, product demonstrations, food samples.  On the other hand, it has a wide range of gift items that don’t involve the kitchen at all — from pocket knives to pajamas, greeting cards, tech toys, and so much more.  It’s a destination worth driving to and you will always see new things and items you’ve never seen anywhere else.